Attack Surface Management with Cloud-Based VPN

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The age of remote working is here and no department in today’s business has permanently adopted a distributed workforce strategy quite like a company’s contact center. This massive migration has put a strain on most internal IT teams, especially those in charge of cybersecurity. Your traditional, hardware-based Virtual Private Networks for secure network access are flawed.

Contact Center agents need to be able to work safely from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. As most people that manage Contact Centers know, labor shortages and high-churn rates demand that they adopt a “bring your own device” policy. This also drives the need for a flexible and cost-effective way to secure their remote teams and protect the company’s critical assets in an easy to deploy manner.

Managing your attack surface is a difficult task to begin with, but it’s even more challenging when your environment is expanding and contracting rapidly. A cloud-based VPN solution that offers a complete overview of your network allowing for segmentation and zero-trust is a great start in staying ahead of attackers. Additionally, it’s important to identify a solution that helps control cost and deliver scalability by offering the ability to activate, suspend, and re-use or delete licenses based on headcount and churn via a simplified management dashboard.

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