Contact Centers Are More Than Just a Phone System

Many organizations view a contact center as just an extension or addition to a phone system. That was the conventional thinking before cloud-based contact centers became part of a larger digital communications strategy for businesses. Today the information technology department certainly plays a role in adopting new technology. However, we are seeing a paradigm shift in how contact center technologies are evaluated by businesses. Today we see involvement by many different departments within the enterprise. Directors of Digital Strategy, Directors of Human Resources, Directors of Marketing, and Directors of Sales all have a role in determining the best technologies to interact with customers. 

Contact centers have evolved beyond being just an extension of the phone system. The modern contact center allows for a much more engaging customer experience than just delivering a phone call to a customer service agent. Modern contact center deployments can interact while utilizing multiple channels of communication like chat, SMS/MMS, and social media assets. Additionally, most deployments in a modern contact center are now leveraging automated intelligence platforms to deliver self-service options for customers that reduce or often eliminate interactions with agents, allowing them to focus on more complex interactions.   

Cloud-based contact centers make this possible by integrating with a line of business applications via Application Programming Interfaces. This provides access to information contained within those applications. These advanced functions were much more complicated and often more limited when interacting with on-premises contact center solutions. With the ability to interact with other applications, the contact center routing engine can now make intelligent interaction routing decisions based on data.  A common use case is giving priority routing of interactions from high value customers.  Instead of your best customers waiting in line for service, they can be moved to the front of the line to deliver a higher class of service. 

Modern contact centers provide insight into customers’ intents and outcomes with the collection of data in every step of the journey from initiating the engagement to the conclusion. It is no longer acceptable to just look at call statistics and draw conclusions.  With visibility into the customers journey, you are now able to make improvements to how your firm engages with customers and adapt rapidly to the ever-changing ways that customers choose to engage. 

The landscape of Cloud Contact Center solutions is vast. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to understand the differences in the technologies. At iSymplify, we have implemented cloud-based contact center solutions from just about every industry leading contact center provider. Do you need some subject matter experts on your team while you are making the journey to your next technology?  If so, give us a call. We are happy to assist. Most engagements we facilitate are of no cost to our customers.