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How Cloud-based Communications are Solving Business Challenges

Customer Experience is more than just a buzz word.

The ability for your remote workforce to address your clients’ needs is table stakes. Consumers and businesses alike prefer to communicate via alternative digital channels.

In fact, 66% of consumers use at least three communication channels to connect with a brand’s customer service department. Companies that offer omni-channel solutions are better poised to meet their expectations.

The most important element of a good customer experience, according to a Zendesk report, is interacting with an agent who understands the issue (51%) and has the ability to resolve it quickly (49%).

The connected agent

The simplest, fastest way to accelerate your cloud communications strategy and bring immediate impact to your business is by transitioning your contact center to the cloud.

Legacy call center limitations not only disrupt the customer experience, they cost businesses money—approximately $75 billion annually, according to Forbes. And while stand-alone applications can be purchased, integrated, and configured to fit into working ecosystems, the result is typically a clunky, cost-prohibitive solution that leaves organizations without a clear view of how multiple interactions work together. In order to track a customer journey, for example, the IT team must log into various systems and correlate the data. It’s a cumbersome process that leaves gaps in the buyer journey, forcing customers to repeat information or be transferred multiple times.

Features in newer, cloud-based solutions turn customer service reps into connected agents with instant access to customer histories and the right information at the right time. According to Forbes, 66% of contact centers not yet using the cloud plan to accelerate their move to CCaaS as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gain a competitive edge

Hosting communications in the cloud allows even the smallest contact centers to compete on a level playing field, offering the sort of exceptional service traditionally reserved for only the largest organizations.

A cloud communications solution serves up key tools (chat, email, AI, SMS, voice) and advanced features, such as skills-based routing and call monitoring, in one platform with a reporting and admin portal that can easily track and manipulate data for better reporting and analytics. All of these features are offered “as a Service,” allowing organizations to scale up or down based on call volume and needs. Maintenance, upgrades, security, and future proofing are handled by the cloud provider. These services easily integrate into existing applications like Salesforce, ConnectWise, and even custom applications with API’s to provide a true end-to-end solution that empowers agents to deliver world-class service and enables business leaders to make more informed decisions.

Cloud communications is what we do

Our first-hand experience identifying, implementing, and supporting over 300 technology providers and their cloud communications services is invaluable to companies—particularly with teams that haven’t upgraded their phone and contact center technology in years.

Our firm prides itself on a full discovery and exploration process to ensure we understand your business goals and operations requirements before recommending the best fit technologies and providers to meet your unique needs. iSymplify has designed hundreds of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions for companies of all sizes. We have deep knowledge and expertise supporting all Gartner-recognized market leaders.

If you’re planning technology upgrades, consider leveraging cloud services to take advantage of the efficiency gains and cost savings.

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