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Thanks for checking out this month’s newsletter and taking a deeper dive into solving the talent shortage with creative technology solutions! Today we will look at 3 services that can extend your current IT’s reach. The first solution I want to review provides a flexible, turnkey service that can quickly scale up or down while containing costs. Leveraging services with a scalable and predictable cost model can extend your organizations current reach. Here are a few solutions that can help:

  1. Shift Bidding: Technology tools, like shift bidding, tap into over 1 million qualified and skilled workers. These tools provide immediate access to contact center agents, onsite assistance in retail, healthcare, and banking for temporary and long-term workforce. The shift bidding option also provides omni-channel solutions, such as virtual agents, SMS, chat, and email that can quickly improve customer communication and supply augmentation to an existing workforce. We are seeing top brands leverage a scalable workforce that provides flexibility back to the employee, allowing them to sign up for hours that are convenient and flexible for them with a minimum of 2-hour increments. A younger, mobile workforce is signing up willingly as they place a significant value on flexibility of hours and location.

Customers now expect a digital-first engagement and remote workforce opportunities.  The future of employment shows that employees want a project based, fluid, and flexible relationship. By offering a shift bidding option for your day-to-day functionality, you can engage happy customers and employees.

  1. Managed Service Providers or “as a Service” Offerings: With job openings jumping from 3.5% to 7% over the past two years, IT is still one of the top recruiting opportunities with job openings peaking at 6.3% earlier this year. By retaining and attracting new talent that focuses on innovation and creating a competitive technology position, firms can shift day-to-day maintenance and alerting activities to companies that are purpose-built to maintain infrastructure. Security Operations Centers (SOC) are another large opportunity to increase your protection while shifting the security compliance burden to companies that have the in-house talent and tools to meet or exceed security standards. This not only frees up existing headcount to concentrate on meaningful projects for growth for the business, but it also improves an organization’s overall security posture.

  1. Automation: CRM, Workforce, Natural Voice, and AI can provide Automation to save time, money, and improve the Customer Experience. Looking at day to day processes that are predictable and repeatable provide opportunities to automate and create workflows that remove human involvement in completing transactions. Automation can be implemented for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Taking payments

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Completing and digitizing paper forms

Implementing automated services directly into a customer’s smartphone in a secure manner not only reduces the labor surrounding day to day business operations, it also delights the customer and creates a frictionless transaction.

In short, hiring the best candidates is still the number one way to grow your firm with talent, but considering transformative customer engagement tools not only solves the labor challenge question, but can significantly increase brand loyalty and customer delight!

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Lorie Burkemper