Welcome back to our monthly blog!  The days are getting a bit shorter, the temperature has been glorious and I’m starting to see the first signs color of fall painting the trees!  I absolutely love fall, but always sad to see summer fade away.  Instead of winding down, we are gearing up here at iSymplify!!  I haven’t been this excited about technology in a very long time!  We have so many technologies we are diving into that are keeping us and our clients focused.  Focused on results!

In the past, our clients came to us with needs for increased bandwidth, or a new phone system request, which we’re always happy to help with.  These projects always positively affected an overall business objective. However, recently, we are having some really gratifying business discussions around utilizing technology to completely transform businesses.  In the past 90 days, we’ve been working with clients to map out an IoT solution to help track high dollar assets and improve overall inventory management, control, logistics and better customer experience.  We’ve held conversations about threat intelligence and monitoring of companies’ 3rd party vendors and partners to quickly identify and isolate potential security breaches.   And last, and possibly one of my favorite proposals, included writing a mobile application with geofencing embedded to help one of our retail clients better communicate with their customer as they approach their location.

As a result, these projects often lead to the company IT infrastructure.  As we build these customer enablement applications, we are often looking at the databases to store the data, the bandwidth and location to transport the data and the security surrounding the solutions.  This doesn’t even account for the communications platform.  As we sit down with our clients, we start to assemble the pieces of the overall technology blueprint.  Lately, we grab a dry erase marker and brainstorm the desired outcome our clients would like to achieve and work backwards on how to get there.  Often, as projects evolve, our desired outcome takes on all kinds of new and interesting shapes and is often stronger than what we originally intended.  From the customer interface, we reverse engineer to identify all the touchpoints from initial connection to the servers and cloud that the solution resides.  While there are a number of common elements, each engagement has us working on a unique set of technologies and vendors tailored to fit to our clients’ needs.

iSymplify strives to connect all of the technology dots to get you there and to stay engaged throughout the entire process from design to turn-up.

The outcome on some of these projects have yet to be attained, but the process has sure been a lot of fun.  We are past the initial phases of the internet age, but in some ways technologists are re-pioneering internet technology.  Why do we do this?  It’s all about the data.  Our job is to utilize technology to extract the key information from your business to make better business choices.  Choices on how to invest time, dollars, human capital, but ultimately how to take care of your most precious asset, your customer.

Not to date myself, but one of my favorite cartoons as a kid was the Jetsons.  I thought that was the absolute coolest thing in the world to see the person on the other end of the phone and to hop in your flying car to get across town.  With the progress in self-driving cars, telepresence and video streaming, I don’t think we are too far away from the Jetson reality.   I don’t know about you, but I still enjoy the art of driving but I am very excited to take my first flying car ride.  Maybe I should just settle for Face Time and Uber!  Until then, iSymplify will keep researching, striving for the best customer support we can provide and helping our clients achieve business transformation.  It’s an exciting time, buckle up!